Employee Engagement - What is it and why does it matter?

Employee Engagement - What is it and why does it matter?

Disability support workers have the opportunity, skills, empathy, and capacity to make a huge difference in people’s lives every day.  This works really well when employee engagement is front and centre to how the provider operates.

The best example of this is is Viva Mutual. VIVA is a cooperatively owned not for profit organisation that delivers, personalised health and wellbeing support services through a connected network of dedicated support workers, health and care professionals.

Their goal was to set up a business that’s good for everyone – employee engagement is central to how they operate. The people they support get great service and their workforce prospers alongside.  It’s called mutual benefit. 

Looking after each other is at the heart of VIVA’s business:

  • People who have a stake in their enterprise provide the highest quality support
  • This makes the business more successful
  • The surplus is then reinvested in service, staff and growth – a straightforward simple idea!

High quality care and support is all about the relationship between workforce, clients, and community. It’s all about you!  It’s all about them!  What VIVA strives for is to tap into people’s natural creativity and commitment, by giving them a stake in their business, generating good outcomes for all.

VIVA’s approach to service delivery is so much more than recruiting and training staff to deliver one on one support.  It’s about creating an engaging community.  Operating by organising our support delivery around self-managed teams.  Based upon a Dutch community nursing organisation named Buurtzorg, self-managed teams of around 8-12 members follow the key Buurtzorg principles of:

  • Care decisions start with the client’s changing needs.
  • Support plans are co-created with clients and families leveraging informal and formal support networks.
  • The focus is on building and mobilising the client’s capabilities and networks to enable safe quality of life at home for as long as possible.
  • Autonomy and responsibility are at the point of support through self-managed teams.

By engaging with the VIVA family, employees also become part of the social enterprise movement  – a growing global phenomenon challenging the biggest social problems, while creating jobs and sustainable growth.  One of many things that unites and engages VIVA is a common commitment to ‘making the world a fairer better place’ through social enterprise.

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