Earn Whilst You Learn: Reasons To Start An Apprenticeship

Earn Whilst You Learn: Reasons To Start An Apprenticeship

Searching for an exciting, hands-on career pathway that opens doors to a wide range of opportunities? The electrotechnology industry could be the right fit for you!

After leaving school, the thought of breaking into your chosen industry can be a bit daunting. The electrical sector is no different, but those looking for their start have one big advantage – being able to complete an electrical apprenticeship. Not only will an apprenticeship provide you with all of the skills that you need to get started in the industry, but you’ll also come out of the process with an A Grade electrician’s licence and the essential on-site experience critical to forging a career.

The electrotechnology industry is one of the most diverse and fastest-growing industries in the world and it continues to expand into new areas of technology at a rapid pace, making it a dynamic career path.

The 5 biggest reasons to undertake an electrotechnology apprenticeship are:

  • The opportunity to earn while you learn. Arguably the biggest reason to undertake an apprenticeship is the opportunity that it provides to 'learn and earn'. 
  • Training. 
  • Experience.
  • A nationally recognised qualification.
  • Ongoing support.

NECA Careers & Apprenticeships can help you find your passion—whether it be for renewable energy, automation, lighting and power, fire protection, technology and telecommunications, refrigeration and air conditioning, engineering, construction, building management systems, service and maintenance… the options available in the electrotechnology industry are limitless.

What do you want from your career? We can offer just some of the following:

· Work in an industry with a variety of career pathways

· Earn while you learn

· Obtain a nationally recognised qualification

· Be part of a diverse, advanced industry

· Receive expert support and mentoring

· Enjoy a lifelong career surrounded by passionate and motivated people.

NECA Careers & Apprenticeships (NCA) are dedicated to providing quality and diverse training to our Apprentices to ensure exposure to all aspects of the trade. Our apprentices are placed with host employers across a range of industry sectors including domestic, commercial, industrial, solar, manufacturing and more.

We employ apprentices in electrical, refrigeration and air conditioning, data and communications and the new exclusive dual trade apprenticeship which combines electrical and refrigeration/air conditioning into one.

To switch on your career with NECA Careers & Apprenticeships, simply visit our website www.necaapprentices.com.au to apply today.

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