South Australian Pub Barons Offer Jobs to Ukrainian Refugees

Three owners of pubs across Adelaide want to provide more to help Ukrainian refugees.

Investment banker and Duxton Pub Group co-founder Ed Peter, with the help of partners Brett Matthews and Martin Palmer, aim to employ upwards of 40 refugees from the war-torn nation to turn their lives around and enable a safe, financially stable livelihood in South Australia.

'Everybody is so desperate to do something right now, but they feel like they are too small', says Peter 'we are not too small...if we can do something good in this area, we will'.

The group behind pubs such as The Lion, The Saracens Head, The Crafers, The Stirling and The Cremorne have employed a further two people to work with government agencies and several charity organizations to find employment options for Ukrainian refugees already living in Australia or those still in camps across Europe.

The issue came as a result of interactions with a Ukrainian distributor for Duxton’s wine business, “We used to get updates every day and all of a sudden it went silent.” they soon found out 'a couple had gone to fight, and a couple had left the country'.

The idea seems to have resonated with other members of staff, with an overwhelmingly positive 'yes, please, let’s do it'  from the group’s chefs and other employees.

The wider Duxton Group has regional assets, including accommodation, to help provide homes for people in need while the federal government has stated that Australia is welcoming displaced people from Ukraine with Australian connections, having granted 7000 visas to Ukrainian nationals since the Russian invasion in February.