SA's Uni Graduate Success

SA's Uni Graduate Success

A survey conducted by the Federal Government shows recent graduates from SA’s universities are more likely to get a full-time job, as well as earning higher starting salaries than those who entered the workforce in the previous year.

Graduates from the University of Adelaide have a median starting salary of $65,000 a year – a 5% increase from $62,000. Meanwhile, Flinders University graduates have a median starting salary of $66,000 compared to $64,500, while the UniSA median was $64,700, up from $62,600.

Universities Australia Chief Executive Catriona Jackson has expressed she is pleased to see increasingly positive outcomes for graduates and signs of recovery in the graduate job market.

“A degree continues to give students the edge in an increasingly competitive employment market. A university education equips you for success in even the most challenging economic environment.” She said.

Nationally, the most profitable median starting salaries were for dentists who are reported to earn $100,000. This was followed by graduates in medicine on $76,000, and social workers on $72,600.

According to a previous survey reporting on outcomes three years after graduation, results found Flinders University had the best job result in the country at the postgraduate level.

Education and Youth Minister Alan Tudge has also noted there has also been a slight increase in full-time job outcomes, despite the impacts of the pandemic.

“It’s encouraging to see that students are graduating and moving quickly into full-time work,” he said.

In terms of employment rates, Adelaide university is reported to have a 66.5 per cent job rate (up from 63.5 per cent), with Flinders University at 66.3 per cent (up from 63.1 per cent) and UniSA at 74.6 per cent (up from 67.8 per cent).

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