Athelstone Bakery Providing Crucial Work for Australians with Disabilities

Brewing up something special, a new bakery in Athelstone has become one of many new businesses around Adelaide with an open heart towards those suffering from disabilities.

The aptly named “Spectrum Bakery”, run by Daniel Forrester, originally to support his autistic son, now provides support to many of its workers, with half of the workforce of the beloved bakery livinng with a disability.

Forrester claims “we have come into it not trying to make money, we’re here to try to help people gain employment”, further stating the lack of acceptance on behalf of employers who only see “what they can’t do” instead of  "what they can do”.

Nicholas Iadarola, a worker at the bakery who suffers from autism, is one of the many staff supported by Forrester in the workplace. He claims to “love learning new skills” and emphasizes that “it is a great experience working”, showing just how accepted and appreciated he is for his abilities rather than neglected for his disability.

While more Australians on the spectrum are finding employment in the workforce alongside Nicholas Iadarola, it’s still a rather under-represented field; reports indicate that those with autism are 6 times more likely to be unemployed compared to the general population.

The success of the bakery and the loyalty of the customers acts as one of many showcases of the potential those with disabilities have in the workplace, highlighting their talents and skills.

With this bakery’s open support of those with disabilities, hopefully this can inspire more companies to see the promise and abilities these people have, encouraging higher levels of employment for those on the spectrum.