Adelaide Festival's Economic Benefits Revealed

Adelaide Festival's Economic Benefits Revealed

The 2021 Adelaide Festival generated an estimated gross expenditure of $42.5 million for the state of South Australia.

The amazing figure is included in a 2021 Economic Assessment report commissioned by the Adelaide Festival itself. It indicated that total new spending in South Australia due to the Festival amounted to $18.6 million, while net impact or newly created incomes on the Gross State Product, is estimated at $23.5 million including the creation of the equivalent of 218 full-time jobs. Although these numbers are technically decreases on last years numbers, considering the restrictions on crowd sizes and venue spaces, it is a great indication of how well the festival has benefited the state.


Chair of Adelaide Festival Board Judy Potter said:

"Back in March, there was nowhere else in the world where a festival of this scale could go ahead. I am in awe of not only the economic impact this remarkable event had on South Australia but the way in which the Adelaide Festival team adapted, allowed for every contingency and still managed to bring the Adelaide Festival 2021 program to life in the most glorious way. We are extremely grateful to our sponsors, donors, our loyal Adelaide Festival Friends, ticket buyers and the South Australian Government who embraced this festival with unwavering support."

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