Tips to Creating the Perfect Resume 


The creation of a resume is key when applying for any job. It’s an introduction to who you are as a person, to determine your suitability for a specific job and a means of highlighting your talents.

Successful applicants within are supported by a strong resume and with this comes notable things to avoid and maintain if you want to create the perfect resume.


One of the most important aspects of a resume is the organisation and “neatness”. When looking at a resume, potential employers strive to see professionalism.

Organising sections neatly will give a strong first impression to an employer, showing your desire to perfect and neaten your work. This further increases your chances of being hired.

Methods to achieve this include spreading out paragraphs neatly, using borders and lines to separate sections, consistent font, sorting out content appropriately (chronologically for achievements and dates) and clear headers.

Avoiding Repetition and Errors

Just like with an interview, employers are looking for all the strengths about you in a short, concise manner. Misspelling or Repeating words not only drags out the reading process for employers – lowering your chances at work – but highlights a lack of professionalism through lack of repeat reads to discover spelling and grammatical errors.

To avoid this getting an outside source to read the resume out and/or read the whole thing back to yourself out loud to hear any grammatical or punctuation errors.

Refinement and Discarding Filler

One of the most important parts of a resume is simple: keep it short and concise without filler. This will be of great benefit to the reader as the “straight to the point” approach will be easier to spot and save them more time.

Things to watch for – alongside errors and repetition – include extremely minor achievements that add little to your portfolio, poor grade results in education, dishonesty / bloating of non-accomplishments, and unnecessary page fillers.

Use these tips and you'll be well on your way to creating the best version of your resume!

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