Online Resume Builders

If you do not have access to programs like Microsoft Office or Adobe it can be hard to find ways to start actually making your resume. Especially if you are doing it for the first time. Here are some options for ONLINE resume builders!

Some are  paid services but most have free versions that will be more than enough to start your job hunt.


This is an easy to use an online builder that only requires a free account to save a resume. More options are available for paid accounts but the free account is more than enough to get a good resume. Cultivated Culture also offers two other free tools that will help you develop a more professional resume. They have a scanner that offers suggestions and keywords based on your desired role and also provides a feature to help your write more effective bullet points.

RESUME . COM is a completely free resume builder. They also offer information on how to write an effective cover letter, career advice for job seekers, and more. Their resume builder is straight forward and simple to use.



Canva is another free tool with a paid account option to unlock more features. It is incredibly easy to use but there are drawbacks. Most professional recruiters advise against Canva because of how easy it is to get distracted and start adding too many visuals and elements that are not relevant. If you can keep the fun and fancy logo and picture options to a minimum, it can be a very useful tool. 


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