Your Guide To Making Money With Medical Research

Your Guide To Making Money With Medical Research

Signing up for and participating in a clinical trial is a great way to not only help advance innovative global medicines, but to also earn some additional money while looking for work or while studying. Luckily, Adelaide provides a unique opportunity for healthy adults to get involved.

CMAX Clinical Research is one of Australia’s most trusted and experienced medical research facilities and you could earn up to $6,500 by completing a study. Studies range from 2 nights to 17 nights in-house and may have some follow up visits. Eligibility criteria apply and you may be eligible to take part if you are in good general health and are not on medications (other than contraception).

The process of getting involved is super simple!

Step 1: Browse the website for a trial that you may be eligible for and to view available dates.

Step 2: Apply online or call CMAX to speak with a participant engagement officer who will guide you through the process and discuss a series of questions to determine your eligibility for the trial of your choice.

You will also be sent documents to thoroughly read through which outline the trial, why it’s being trialed and exactly what is involved.

Step 3: Book in for a medical screening appointment, essentially a health check to confirm your eligibility prior to participation.

Step 4: Once eligibility is confirmed by the doctors, participate in the trial! Upon completion get reimbursed for your time!

To express interest simply visit the CMAX website to apply or call CMAX on 1800 150 433 to get more information.

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