Why now is the best time to snap up work

Why now is the best time to snap up work

As the country emerges from covid restrictions and lockdowns, many young people are grappling with the idea of how to secure a job.

Almost two years of unprecedented change has led to many Australians putting their career aspirations on hold simply due to lack of opportunity.

The tide has begun to turn, with seek.com.au sharing that national job ads were up 56% in comparison to last year, with those figures set to rise as we enter the last few months of 2021.

Labour shortages across the country show that now is a great time to secure entry-level work, with industries such as hospitality, retail, and delivery services urgently seeking to fill their vacancies.

As we begin to take our first steps towards "covid-normal", we're here to help with job search advice during the upcoming holiday season – especially if you’re looking for your first job.

Now's the time to score your first job
It’s a good time to start looking for your first job, with many employers looking to hire staff through “open hiring” methods. Australian retailer The Body Shop are foregoing traditional resumes, references, and education history in favour of legally authorised workers who are happy to work on their feet in customer-facing roles. This type of recruitment often lends itself to people with limited work experience or for those facing barriers to employment.

Part-time work provides security and stability
Securing part-time work while at school, TAFE, or uni can have ongoing benefits. While casual rates often pay higher, those on part-time contracts have the added security of annual leave, sick and personal leave, and ongoing employment. Additionally, part-time workers have the benefit of set days or hours in comparison to casual employees who are often rostered to work on a needs basis.

"Christmas casual" work has its benefits
If you're looking for your first job, there are many pros to securing a casual Christmas role. For example, if you're interested in a particular career path, a casual position is a great way to test the waters without diving in. You’ll gain valuable experience and skills while determining your future path. You're also there to snap up opportunities should they arise, with many businesses retaining seasonal staff for ongoing employment.

Save or splurge
Casual holiday positions often involve long hours, meaning you've got less time to be out spending your hard-earned cash. If you're heading back to school, uni, or TAFE, now is a great time to stash away money for expenses that are guaranteed to pop up throughout the year. And if you’re in the giving mood, your friends and family can rest assured that you’ve worked hard for their Christmas gifts.

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