Why now is the best time to be a tradie

Why now is the best time to be a tradie

The construction industry is stronger than ever at the moment with contractors screaming out for skilled workers to keep up with project demands. There has never been a better time to join the industry, so what are you waiting for?

With wage subsidies from the Government making taking on an apprentice or trainee easier and cheaper than ever before for employers, now is the time to seriously think about starting an apprenticeship. Whether you are finishing school this year, or just looking for a career change, it is the perfect time to get into the industry.

What’s more, electricians, refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics and data and communications technicians have all been deemed essential workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. So not only is there an increased demand for workers right now, but there is also great job security knowing you won’t be subject to stay at home orders like some other industries have!

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As an apprentice with NECA Career & Apprenticeships (NCA), you could work on anything from home automation to commercial construction to refrigeration for the COVID vaccines… the opportunities are endless! We help you find your passion within this diverse and expanding industry by placing you with host employers across different sectors to see what the right fit is for you.

So if you are coming towards the end of your school year or you just want to kick start a new career path, we highly encourage you to think about an apprenticeship in the electrotechnology industry! Click HERE for further information and to apply!