Why A Career In Plumbing Is More Than Just A Trade

Why A Career In Plumbing Is More Than Just A Trade

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to not have access to clean drinking water or a working toilet?  Well, most of us don’t have to and that’s because we have plumbers to do it for us!

Plumbers are extremely important - not only to the construction industry, but to all communities, worldwide. That’s why a career in plumbing is much more than just a trade – it’s a lifelong and rewarding career!

What else? The plumbing industry is extremely diverse, which offers opportunities to work on small domestic jobs, as well as large-scale commercial projects.

A career in plumbing provides continuous opportunities for growth and development.

Once qualified, you could become a site supervisor, project manager or even start your own business!

A plumbing apprenticeship is the first step to a fantastic and rewarding career, while you earn a living.

Apprenticeships in plumbing include:

  • Job variety
  • Learn from qualified tradespeople
  • Mental and physical exercise
  • Apply your skills straight into the workplace
  • Ongoing career opportunities
  • A licensed plumbing qualification on successful completion
  • An enjoyable and rewarding career

Why choose Master Plumbers SA?

Master Plumbers SA are not just an employer. We are the only membership association for plumbers in South Australia! This means that we not only offer plumbing apprenticeships – we work with plumbers on a daily basis to provide a better industry for all.

This means that we will support you from the commencement of your apprenticeship, through to tradesperson and long after you complete.

At Master Plumbers, we:

  • Provide ongoing support and mentoring
  • Pay our apprentices above the Award rate
  • Cover trade school fees
  • Supply our apprentices with high quality tools and PPE
  • Provide job security
  • Are an inclusive and equal opportunities employer
  • Place apprentices with the most suitable Host possible
  • Make apprentice safety and wellbeing our top priority


At Master Plumbers SA, we are passionate about ensuring the quality of our industry remains at the highest standard well into the future.  This means that we are dedicated to recruiting quality candidates who will become the industry’s future leaders.

We ensure our Apprentices are provided with all of the tools and support necessary to become a licensed and successful tradesperson.

Your career in plumbing starts here – apply now at www.mpasa.com.au

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