Where Are The Jobs Of The Future?

Where Are The Jobs Of The Future?

There’s plenty of sectors set for significant jobs growth in South Australia – including cybersecurity, health, defence, creative industries, tourism and the space economy. And that means more jobs!

We need skilled people in all kinds of roles and skilled careers – right now AND into the future!

Ok, so what does that look like?

  • Hi-tech, IT and cyber security are set for growth, with an estimated 11,000 new cyber jobs to be created over the next decade, nationally, with some of the largest companies already stomping ground in Adelaide.
  • As our population ages and grows we have more demand on our health care and social assistance industry including social, disability, aged and child care, and administrative roles to support the industry.
  • SA is home to many defence projects, including building fleets of submarines and frigates. From electrical, welding and boiler making tradespeople through to project and contract management, the shipbuilding industry will require thousands of top-notch skilled workers.
  • Creative industries including game development, screen, design, music and performing arts, advertising, and craft and fashion manufacturing.
  • The tourism industry is driving prosperity across our amazing regions and in areas including food and wine.
  • The Australian Space Agency has been established in Adelaide which will triple the value of our space industry, and administrative jobs to support the industry, over the next few years. That means more jobs and more opportunities for you to get involved – take off!

And what do growth industries mean for you?

With SA needing heaps of different workers over the next few years, the ones we’ll need most will be in our growing industries and will have trained for a skilled career.

Over the next few years, more than half of the predicted top 50 careers with the highest growth will need technical skills. That means an apprenticeship, traineeship or vocational education and training (VET) qualification can give you the skills you need to build a career where you are valued and in demand.

And research tells us that five years after completing their education, VET graduates are more likely than uni graduates to have a full-time job.

What next?

The right training has never been more important and it’s now more accessible than ever through JobTrainer low-fee short courses and qualifications.

Get the skills you need now to launch your career in growth areas of our economy.

To discover the career opportunities available and what skills and training you need to get there, visit skills.sa.gov.au and follow Skilled Careers on Facebook and Instagram.

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