South Aussies - Sign Up for a Clinical Trial!

South Aussies - Sign Up for a Clinical Trial!

Family connections, a desire to contribute to medical research and earning an income are attracting more South Australians to participate in clinical trials, according to Adelaide-based, CMAX Clinical Research.

“Clinical trials are essential to ensure safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical treatments that improve human health and save lives,” said CMAX’s CEO Jane Kelly said.

“There’s often an emotive factor behind why participants sign up for clinical studies.

“Seeing a close friend or a family member suffering from a disease can highlight the need to access new treatments and medicines.

“The desire to advance medical research is another common motivation for individuals and this can make a real difference to the lives and health outcomes of others.”

Trial participants can also earn thousands of dollars in the process.

“Taking part in clinical trials can provide participants with a form of income,” Ms Kelly said.

“Participants also can earn as much as $9,500, depending on the study they take part in. Generally, participants can earn around $200 - $400 a day.”

Listen to Chief of Operations at CMAX, Sam Smith on the Brekky Show talking about all the benefits of trials:

Family motivates clinical trial participation

When Lorelle Stanley noticed an ad calling for clinical trial participants for the potential treatment of Type 2 Diabetes, she signed up without hesitation.

“My brother-in-law suffers from Type 2 Diabetes and it’s heartbreaking condition. I signed up for the clinical trial as it was one way I could help,” she said.

“Having a treatment option available will help improve the quality of his life dramatically. I’m pleased I can play a role in this important study.”

Student’s bid to advance medical research

21-year-old John Nygaard’s curiosity in advancing medical research has prompted his participation in 9 clinical trials in the last 18 months, including stage one of the Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSDs) clinical trial.

“There are so many diseases with no cures or treatment available and taking part in clinical trials is one way I can help medical research,” he said.

“It’s a simple way I can contribute to science and as a nursing student, it’s an opportunity to learn more about the study drug, clinical research and the pharmaceutical industry.”

Find out more at CMAX's Website.

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