Return to the Workforce as a Casual!

Are you looking to return to the workforce on a casual basis and have no prior industry experience?

Step into a feel-good career where you support older people to live good lives and maintain independence.

Pre-employment cleaning training will help you gain employment through the ACH Group as a community cleaner.

What is a community cleaner?

As people get older, living independently can become more difficult. Many people want to stay in their own home for as long as possible, and as a community cleaner you’re able to help older people do this.

Community cleaners complete in-home tasks to support the elderly who still live at home. Tasks could include:

  • washing dishes
  • vacuuming
  • laundry
  • mopping
  • dusting
  • general tidying

These may seem like simple day-to-day tasks for some, however they become more difficult as you age. By completing these tasks for older people, you help them to stay safe and comfortable while living at home.

Why become a community cleaner?

Community cleaners are valuable workers, they support those in-need and help people stay living in their own home.

Not only do you provide cleaning services, but you also provide important social interaction that they may otherwise lack.

Going to work each day and knowing that you’re able to make a difference and help people remain independent is a rewarding feeling.

How to become a community cleaner?

HITsa are currently offering the ACH Group Cleaning Pre-Employment Program which is government-funded through Job Trainer.

This training will take 3 weeks to complete and upon successful completion, participants may gain employment with the ACH Group.

What does it look like to work for the ACH Group as a community cleaner?

Do you enjoy having weekends off, helping people and interacting with customers? Well, that’s what it’s like to work as a community cleaner for the ACH Group!

Your typical work week would include Monday to Friday work between 9am – 5pm – no weekends – generally 3 days per week as a minimum..

The ACH Group also promote a good work culture, diversity and are committed to supporting their workforce.

So, what are you waiting for? Enquire about the ACH Group Cleaning Pre-Employment Program today.

This article was originally written for HITsa by Molly Hill and was repurposed by Fresh Jobs.

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