Ready. Set. Launch Your Career!

Ready. Set. Launch Your Career!

Through JobTrainer, get the skills you need now to launch your career and unlock real-world opportunities.

Soul searching? Job Searching? We’ve got you covered.

Now is a great time to get the skills you need to launch your career and unlock opportunities for work or further study in SA’s growing industries.

The right training has never been more important and we’re investing in it to make it more accessible than ever through JobTrainer. Nice!

What’s JobTrainer you ask? If you’re aged 17-24 years and not currently employed, then through JobTrainer you can access low-fee training in a heap of in-demand sectors and roles.

Choose your path

Hundreds of in-demand training courses are subsidised to make it more affordable for you to embark on a skilled career through vocational education and training (VET).

With lots of different course lengths and delivery modes (like online learning) on offer, you can pick a skilled career pathway that best suites your specific schedule and stage of life.

You might be a social butterfly or perhaps the caring type, enjoy working with your hands or are the ultimate problem solver. Whatever you are and whatever your interests, there’s a career to suit you.

Not too sure where to start or what career options are on the table? You can explore your career options and have a browse at

Discover low-fee training courses

So you’ve narrowed down what career path you might like to follow. Now it’s time to search for courses and qualifications that can lead to opportunities for work or further training.

Whether you’re interested in the creative industries, social care, defence, space or IT, you can find a skilled career training pathway that suits you!

So…Ready. Set. And launch!

To explore training opportunities available through JobTrainer, visit and follow Skilled Careers on Facebook and Instagram to hear heaps of great stories.

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