Join the front line response to COVID-19

Join the front line response to COVID-19

If your career has been impacted by COVID then stop monitoring the job market and start monitoring medi-hotels as a Protective Security Officer (PSO) with SA Police. 

SA Police is currently employing 114 PSOs for COVID-19 duties – and with courses beginning in September, you could soon be playing a vital role on the front line of South Australia’s COVID-19 defence by providing safe and secure quarantine for returning Australians at our medi-hotels.

PSO Cameron has already taken that step, leaving behind a media career to pursue a new challenge at the forefront of the state’s COVID-19 response.

“My main role is to secure the medi-hotels and ensure the welfare of everyone in there,” he said.

“A typical day working as a PSO starts with kitting up with all the tactical options and items you need for your shift. You then travel to the medi-hotel where you sanitise and mask-up before handover with other PSOs and police officers from the previous shift. Then you perform tasks such as monitoring CCTV, conducting floor and perimeter checks and generally making sure that medi-hotel guests are abiding by the rules.”

What appeals most to Cameron is the positive team environment and work/life balance the PSO role offers.

“What keeps me coming back every day, even for night shift, is my team. The camaraderie has been fantastic,” he said.

“I also enjoy the work/life balance. Not working the standard 9am to 5pm has allowed me to attend school excursions with my kids and also do school drop-off and pick-up.”

For some, working in the medi-hotel environment may make them feel uneasy with the ever-present risk of COVID-19, however this is not the case.

“When I was first deployed to medi-hotels I did have some concerns, however these fears were allayed by the availability of the highest standard personal protective equipment and the rigorous safety measures in place,” Cameron said.

“We are very particular with safety when it comes to COVID-19. We wear personal protective equipment and correctly follow all the procedures so this makes me feel safe and confident while at work in a medi-hotel.”

If being a PSO sounds like the job for you, apply now through

Along with job security, you’ll get paid training, uniform, work/life balance and a 12-month contract to support South Australia’s COVID-19 response. Plus, after graduating, you could be earning up to $69,000 a year plus superannuation.

For those of you still needing some convincing, Cameron leaves you with the following advice.

“If you’re thinking about a career change, then I highly recommend applying for this role. Go in with an open mind and give it your best shot.”

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