Guard against cyber threats

Guard against cyber threats

Let's be real, how many different passwords do you have? Three? At the most? Are they all the same with just a different number at the end? That might get you into trouble sooner than you think.

Cyber security is more than just changing your password on a regular basis. It’s the practice of defending computers, servers, data and systems from malicious attacks - and these attacks are on the rise. The types of cyber threat include cyber crime, where individuals or groups disrupt systems for financial gain, cyber attack, which is usually designed to gather information, or the big one, cyber terrorism, where the primary objective is to cause total chaos and harm.

A recent example is the cybercriminal who attempted to poison a water treatment plant in Florida earlier this year. The hacker remotely accessed the plant’s computer system and managed to change the level of sodium hydroxide in the water. Luckily, a switched-on employee noticed the system intrusion and quickly changed it back to a safe level before any harm was done.

Currently, in Australia, there is a shortage of skilled cyber security professionals across all industries, and the good news is, you don’t need to have a technical background to get started. To ensure South Australia is ahead of the game, TAFE SA offers the Certificate IV in Cyber Security (22334VIC) and a range of cyber security short courses to help counter-attack these cyber threats. So, if you’re looking to launch a fresh new cyber security career, there’s no better time than now to get started. A new Introduction to Cyber Security short course has just landed this week for Cyber Week (25-29 October). This introductory taster course is designed to give you an elementary insight into the challenges many companies face today as they battle malicious cyber attacks. You will also gain an understanding of the most common threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities across this 12-week course, which you can do at your own pace, online.

A special 20% discount is also being offered this week during Cyber Week on all TAFE SA cyber security short courses. Click HERE to learn about the training options now available.