"Get That Job" Playlist - The best work pump up tunes!

"Get That Job" Playlist - The best work pump up tunes!

Listening to music can not only be entertaining but also might even make you healthier. Music can come as a source of pleasure and contentment, while also providing many other psychologic benefits.

The concept that music can influence your thoughts, feelings and behaviours does not come as much as a surprise. Have you ever felt pumped while listening to music? Or even been brought to tears, then you can easily understand the power of music. There is a wide range of psychological effects from music whether you are looking to reduce stress, improve your memory, sleep better, improve motivation or even manage pain.

The legends at Jobedge have teamed up with Fresh 92.7 to create the "Get That Job" Playlist. A list of songs that will inspire you to go and be your best self. Here is what the Fresh team added to the list:

Johnny - Breakfast Co-Host:

Here's Johnny - Hocus Pocus. 

'This song has my name in it, enough said...'

Davo - Breakfast Co-Host:

LOSING IT - Fisher 
This song is an essential pump up track for anything in life. 
Jack - Digital Content Producer:

Dirty Vibe - Skrillex ft G-Dragon, CL (explicit)

'This track is a little on the filthy side but it always gets me up and about, vintage skrill.'

Jake - Workday Announcer:

Dom Dolla - Pump the brakes
'You'll struggle to keep myself and Davo seated when this banger drops. Anyone who samples car noises in their tune with fat bass always gets a BIG tick from me.'

Rudimental - Be the one
'An old school garage nut like me loves when artists still pay homage to it and this delivers. MORGAN's vocals paired with Drill up 'N' comer Digga D's bars. Big Offfft 🔥'
Cale: Drive Host:
Daft Punk – Get Lucky

'Nothing wrong with wanting some luck to be on your side ahead of the interview!'

Pnau – Solid Gold

'Keep your eye on the salary and think of the cash the job will bring in!'

The Jobedge team filled up the rest of the playlist with legendary artists such as Jimmy Barnes, Queen, AC/DC, Dolly Parton and HEAPS more. Get a load of it here:

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