Follow the Clin-Path: Consider Pathology!

You've put the hard yards in at Med School and come out the other side looking at all of your options. They seem endless right? Why not take the 'Clin-Path?'

Medicine is Pathology. Think about it, from the time you are born to the time you die, pathology is involved and touches on every facet of medicine.

By pursuing a career in pathology, you become involved in medicine at its purest level.

The job of a Pathologist is both interesting and challenging. Imagine an exciting world of discovery as you specialise in diagnosing diseases by examining tissue samples under a microscope daily.

Working at Clinpath Pathology, you will be highly respected in a well established private practice that provides services to GP’s, specialists, hospitals and aged care facilities in Adelaide.

With various roles available, take a further look under the microscope of Pathology!

Don't just take it from us though. Listen to some of the testimonials from Pathology works at Clinpath:

Carly – Collector (Phlebotomist)

Remote staff have the opportunity to make new work friends and learn different work environments. Clinpath say you can influence the positive outcomes for any patient, just by being friendly and courteous.

“I've been placed in a wonderful medical clinic and have made some really good and supportive friends. I'm well known and trusted by all the regular patients and we always have a laugh! I truly feel like I'm a part of the team and I feel I'm highly valued by staff and patients alike.”

Chris – Hospital Laboratories

Pathology is not generally known for its face-paced, energetic style. However, in a hospital environment, that’s exactly what’s needed. It’s the difference between a patient living and dying. It’s not speed that’s most important, it’s the quick mind and a steady, consistent pace with accuracy, thoroughness and attention to detail. Chris started out as a Technical Assistant and now 10 years later he’s the Hospital Manager. It takes a special leader to pull everyone together and make magic happen.

Callum – Laboratory

There’s a geeky side to us all. Callum’s is an enjoyment for excel spreadsheets and getting to the bottom of more than just the local swimming pool, where he’d been a life guard for most of his earlier career life. The natural curiosity and problem-solving skills are very useful for a pathology scientist, and to be successful in a position like this requires determination, persistence and the ability to keep an open mind until all the evidence is in.

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