Ask The Jobedge Job Doctors Week 1


Hello job seekers,

It’s been great to see the Fresh Jobs campaign get off to such a strong start, and here at Jobedge, we’re hugely proud to be able to play our part in helping the people of Adelaide reach their job and career goals.

Firstly, we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has written in with their questions for the Job Doctors this past few weeks. It’s been a pleasure to take the time to hear what’s on your minds when it comes to finding work that matters, and we hope the answers below will provide some helpful hints for everyone who reads them.

If we haven’t been able to answer your question yet, don’t worry, we’ll do our best to return to it over the coming weeks. And if you haven’t asked a question yet and there’s something you’d like to know about the mental and physical steps you can take to reaching your job and career goals, just fill in the form below and the Jobedge Job Doctors will take a look.

Good Luck.

1. Chloe from Adelaide

I am a high school graduate with anxiety and I am finding it difficult to find work after having to step aside from my online business. What should I do to get into a career?

This is a great question and one that is more common than you might think.

From a health perspective, make sure you are getting any help you need. Research shows physical activity is a good way to support mental health. Be active and know the other steps you need to manage your nerves.

Now let’s talk about looking for work. Here are some steps you can take to help you through.

- Notice your success. It’s clear that you are motivated and have achieved a lot already. Congratulations! Celebrate what you achieve and the small successes you have every day (e.g. today I sent out three applications – it all counts!).

- Be kind to yourself. This boosts confidence, motivation and willpower.

- Keep actively job seeking. Every day gets you closer. Courage and confidence come from action.

- Stand tall. This is a great tip to quieten anxiety. How we stand, breathe, walk and talk create emotion within your body. Confidence comes when you stand (or sit) upright, smile and look up. Take slow, deep breaths. Try this before an interview. It’s called Mindfulness (you may have heard of it). It is a technique that helps you focus on the here and now allowing you to put any distracting anxiety into the background.

2. Steve from Unley

What's the best way to answer the interview question: What are your weaknesses?

The reason an interviewer asks this question is to find out how willing you are to improve and take on new skills. Use this question as a chance to show how willing you are to learn.

This is an asset to any employer.

Share both the weakness and the steps you are taking to improve. One skill I’m currently working on is time management because I used to leave my assignments to the last minute. I now set time aside in my diary.

Discuss a weakness that is not critical to your success in the job (e.g. Accounts people shouldn’t be weak in maths!)

Most important - be honest. People can tell if you are making things up.

3. Iain from Greenacres

I am looking at getting out of the industry I have worked in for 20 years ago, though it’s hard with so much competition. I'm a little stuck as the role I do isn't a challenge anymore.

Changing careers is much more common now than it was 20 or 30 years ago, but it can still feel a bit of a challenge.

Here are our two top tips:

1. Think about the skills you have now that can be transferred into a new industry. Not sure where to start? Look at job descriptions for these new roles. Doing this gives you confidence about meeting with a new employer.

2. Talk to people you know who work in this new industry. It might be a work colleague, a friend or a friend of a friend! Have a chat to learn more. Often jobs come from people we know. And this is a good way to skip competing with others.

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