Ask the Jobedge Job Doctors - Questions Answered 6!

Ask the Jobedge Job Doctors - Questions Answered 6!

Every fortnight – exclusively for Fresh Jobs - Dr Paul Pers and Dr Clive Hume from Jobedge will be answering Adelaide’s most asked jobs related questions, submitted right here, by you, the Jobs Gateway users. 

If you feel like you’ve reached a dead end with advice on Google, and real-life, Adelaide-based experts are hard to find, then you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Hello job seekers.

It’s been great to hear from the Adelaide community with work-related questions and queries, and we’re delighted to be playing our part in helping people to reach their job and career goals. We hope the answers below will provide helpful hints for everyone out there looking to succeed in their job search.

As usual, if we haven’t been able to answer your question yet, don’t worry. 

We’ll do our best to return to it over the coming weeks.

If you haven’t asked a question yet and there’s something you’d like to know about the steps you can take to reaching your job and career goals, fill in the form below, and the Jobedge Job Doctors will take a look.

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  1. How can I best present myself to my employer on a first meet/trial? Looks, communication, body language etc?

Here are our top tips. They will help you on a first meet/trial. 

  • Show up on time. Your employer wants you to do well. Being late sets a bad impression.
  • Be presentable. It’s the 1stthing people notice - shower, use deodorant, brush your teeth, have clean hair and hands - and make sure your nails are clean. Dress for the work you do. Keep clothes clean and neat to make a good impression.
  • Have a positive attitude. Show enthusiasm. Be a team player who works well with others.
  • Communicate with confidence. Speak clearly, make eye contact if you can, pay attention and let the person who was talking finish what they're saying.
  • Take notes and listen to advice. Listen to what an employer asks, to what a co-worker says or to a customer concern.


  1. Is it really necessary to have a cover letter?

Cover letters are still important in job seeking. They can help you stand out and show your interest in the job.

There are times when you may not need a cover letter - if an employer specifically says they don’t need it or there is no way to submit a cover letter online.

If the position is a casual one, you can write a cover email instead. It’s a little shorter than the letter.


  1. What can I do to impress the employing manager to give me a better opportunity to get a job?

The employing manager is looking for a valued employee. Someone who is reliable and will respect their employer and co-workers to make the workplace positive.

  • Show up on time. This is our most common tip, and with good reason. If you show up on time, they know you are reliable and interested.
  • Do some research. Many people go to interviews without having researched the employer. You will stand out if you know what they do and how the job contributes.
  • Show off your skills. Answer their questions and demonstrate your skills with examples where possible. Think before you speak to keep your answers to the point.
  • Be positive. If you are enthusiastic, trustworthy, and work well with others, it creates a good environment and work is finished faster. That’s what the employer wants.
  • Keep it real. Be open and honest.


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Dr Paul Pers 


Dr Pers is a GP with 35 years experience in personal injury and illness management, helping people with their physical and psychological health

At Jobedge, Dr Pers uses his skills and experience as a doctor to help Jobedge staff keep on top of the latest health and wellbeing approaches for people in Adelaide with a disability looking for jobs and career support.

Dr Clive Hume 


Dr Clive Hume has over three decades’ experience as a GP in metropolitan, rural and remote areas, with a special interest in mental health, emergency and occupational medicine

At Jobedge, he is passionate about helping people to stay positive and healthy by finding work that matches their skills and personality, a belief that he helps to deliver every day for disabled job seekers in Adelaide. 



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