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How do you stay motivated in your job search when it feels like nothing is working? 

How can you make sure your CV stands out from the crowd? 

What can you do to stop nerves getting the better of you in job interviews? 

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions – or the hundreds more that run through the minds of Adelaide’s job seekers every day – now’s your chance to check into the jobs’ surgery to get advice from two bonafide doctors specialising in helping people to find and stay in work - right here in Adelaide. 

Every fortnight – exclusively for Fresh Jobs - Dr Paul Pers and Dr Clive Hume from Jobedge will be answering Adelaide’s most asked jobs related questions, submitted right here, by you, the Jobs Gateway users. 

If you feel like you’ve reached a dead end with advice on Google, and real-life, Adelaide-based experts are hard to find, then you don’t want to miss this opportunity. 



To get your questions to the doctors, just fill out the form below and every fortnight, Dr Pers and Dr Hume will publish their expert advice on the most in-demand topics. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Get access to expert advice that could make a difference in your job search!

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Dr Paul Pers 


Dr Pers is a GP with 35 years experience in personal injury and illness management, helping people with their physical and psychological health

At Jobedge, Dr Pers uses his skills and experience as a doctor to help Jobedge staff keep on top of the latest health and wellbeing approaches for people in Adelaide with a disability looking for jobs and career support.

Dr Clive Hume 


Dr Clive Hume has over three decades’ experience as a GP in metropolitan, rural and remote areas, with a special interest in mental health, emergency and occupational medicine

At Jobedge, he is passionate about helping people to stay positive and healthy by finding work that matches their skills and personality, a belief that he helps to deliver every day for disabled job seekers in Adelaide. 

To find out more about Jobedge, head to                      

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