5 Podcasts To Add To Your List For Career Success

We can all agree that the pandemic hasn’t been the most encouraging of times for career productiveness.

An uncertain shift from our ordinary environment to working from home, as well as employment loss has got everyone seeking a way to increase enthusiasm within their profession or on their quest to find new work.

Whether you’re looking for a motivation boost, or just some tips for on the job, these Aussie career-related podcasts are sure to leave you feeling ambitious in tackling the workforce!

1. My Millennial Career


Scoring a spot as one of the finalists of the Best Business Podcast at the Australian Podcast Awards in 2020, this podcast is filled with professional and personal tips on how to really excel in aspects of your career such as resume writing and interviews, as well as how to effectively handle different employment conditions. Emily Bowen, a recruitment and customer experience specialist, and Shelley Johnson, who works in human resource management, have worked in the industry for many years and have embarked on national tours too! While they might be HR professionals, they cover topics focusing on a range of industries from technology to construction.

2. SEEK Alternate Route


If you’ve come to a career crossroad due to unemployment, or are simply thinking of calling it quits and starting fresh, this podcast will be of tremendous help. SEEK Alternate Route is delivered by Kyran Wheatley, an ex-radio host at Triple J, who discusses how to stay career-motivated during uncertain times and gain as much gratification from your work as possible. This little mini-series of podcasts features SEEK’s President Psychologist Sabina Read and addresses topics like transferring your skills to support different job prospects, the importance of money, and Kyran’s personal progression towards a fruitful career.

3. This Working Life


Produced by ABC Radio, this podcast is hosted by Lisa Leong who works as a broadcaster and media commentator. With countless episodes to listen to, the topics can vary from being light-hearted to conversational, and feature many industry professionals who share tips and tricks that you can implement through your own career journey. This one is definitely targeted at an older crowd, however there are valuable skills to learn for anyone who’s in the workforce.

4. You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere


This podcast hosted by Rachel Corbett, a jack of all trades working as a television and radio presenter and writer, is the dose of inspiration you need to revamp your outlook on how you work. Proving vital information in an entertaining way, Rachel’s podcast revolves around going behind the scenes to interview media professionals and celebrities to discuss their experience within the media field. This one might not be for everyone, but it will definitely give you some insight on how to combat different people and different modes of working.

5. What She Did Next


Your host, Jacqui Ooi, unites Australian working women everywhere to bring an engaging podcast series about various women’s experience within the workforce. The podcast sparks captivating conversations from a diverse range of professional and personal backgrounds that talk about the ways women are making positive impacts within their career, the steps they’ve taken to reach their career goals, and how these experiences can be influential to other women.

These podcasts are all available for your listening pleasure on Spotify!

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