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Professional Cuddler

Bethany Heap is the owner of Cuddle Therapy Australia, and she spends her day managing therapists around the country who offer platonic touch as a theraputic service.

Many of the company’s clients are people with sensory issues who are training themselves to be comfortable with human touch, while others are individuals who are dealing with trauma or grief. Others include people living with disabilities and aged care patients.

Heap says Cuddle Therapy’s most important clients are first responders.

“They go through incredibly traumatic experiences. And sometimes they don’t have anyone to decompress with. Or, sometimes they just don’t want to to take that trauma home.”

National Ninja Master

Mitchell Bird gained his title designing dynamic courses for Ninja Parc locations around the country, as well as testing out the ropes on hit network show Ninja Warrior.

Bird took on the role at Ninja Parc after owning and operating a gym. 

“It’s really how they make sure that the course is tough enough, easy enough and balanced enough so that…at least a decent amount of people can get through it.

“You get to…see what the experience is like without actually being on the show.”

Wedding Vow Writer

Anita Stevens makes a living by writing marriage vows for strangers. She began her career as a copywriter but when she was approached by a man who had run out of time to write his best man’s speech, she decided to branch out. 

“Wedding speeches might be the only time that they ever do any type of public speaking, and it’s not something that comes natural for people.”

Stevens mainly writes vows for men before their big day.

“They’ve got so much to say, and then it’s kind of hard to get it out. So I help them kind of stitch it together…so it’s gonna make sense.”