Results from a NAB survey released this week suggest new job ads increased 10.3% in March, to be 24.3% above the pre-covid February 2020 levels, and reaching their highest point seen since 2008. Ads in South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory were at an all-time high last month with other states also being on the rise.

Changes in job listing percentages

Specialist agriculture recruiter Mick Hay, from Rimfire Resources, said the broader Australian employment trend was definitely also seen in agriculture.

Rimfire has tracked agriculture jobs listings for the past 15 years and noted that the past couple of months had seen a sharp rise in new agriculture-related job listings on all social and online media.

“At the moment, each month is almost a new record for listings,”

Mr Hay said.

While business confidence across Australia had recovered well this year, agricultural employment, specifically, was being driven by a powerful combination of historically high commodity prices, and a return to much better seasonal conditions after drought.

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