5 Podcasts to Help Boost Your Career | Fresh Jobs

1. Career Chinwags for the 21st Century with Catherine Cunningham



Catherine Cunningham is one of Australia's leading career specialists. She is the author of My Career Rules: Recipes to Crack the Career Code in 21st Century Australia. Catherine takes a deep dive into all aspects of career happiness. This podcast is full of practical yet strategic tips to help you manage your career so that you are happier at work!


2.The Arrive & Thrive Career Podcast




The Arrive & Thrive Career Podcast is about all things career design, positive social connection & self-reflection. With a reputation for their curious approach, leading career coaches Tyson Day & Daniel Lunardi interview a special guest, bring expertise and debrief a topic that will help you thrive in your life and career.


3.Build Your Talent Stack




Yishan Chan started her career feeling like she needed to fit in, and now she shapes her career opportunities. Together with guests, they share how to challenge the status quo in how we learn, connect with an aligned tribe who gets us, and shapes our jobs - and in many cases, these are jobs that didn't exist before. Get ready to be inspired to explore creative ways to learn, future-proof your talent stack and forge your path in the future work in a way that brings out your zone of genius!


4.Relaunch Your Career




Each week, Leah and her team will share no-nonsense career and job search advice as well as interviews with everyday Australians about their work and how they came to be in their best fit career. This podcast is for you, if you are a student, graduate or experienced professional interested in learning about alternative careers and how to go about finding the work that you were meant to do.


5.National Careers Institute Podcast




The official podcast of the National Careers Institute, featuring personal interviews with high-achieving graduates of Vocational Education and Training. The National Careers Institute was established so that people have access to accurate and up to date career information and support regardless of their career stage.