You find yourself envious of others' success.

Feeling a natural desire for greater success is common, but if you constantly envy others who genuinely love their work, it might signal a yearning for more fulfilling endeavors.

You're no longer challenged.

After spending a considerable amount of time in the same role at a particular company, performing repetitive tasks can become dull and unchallenging. This becomes even more relevant if your managers have recognized your proficiency in certain areas but haven't offered opportunities for career growth.

You're reading this article.

You might just be curious, but if you've clicked on this article, there's a good chance you're ready for a change and seeking guidance.

You dread going to work.

While everyone can relate to the occasional "I hate Mondays" sentiment, if you spend your weekends dreading the approaching workweek and feel anxious before every shift, it could be a clear indication that it's time to explore new opportunities.