It is important to remember that an interview is simply the next stage of the job application process, so your preperation is just as important as your initial application!



When you are offered an interview, you will be given vital information to assist you with your preperation. Be sure to collect the information below to be fully aware of what to expect!

  • Know where the interview will take place - double check the address.
  • Aim to arrive so that you will be waiting in the reception area for 5- 10 minutes before your interview.
  • Know the type of interview it will be, such as face-to-face, over-the-phone etc.
  • Check any details you may need to be aware of, such as, tasks or activities during the interview, what you need to bring or any research you may need to conduct.
  • Research the company thoroughly. Prepare some questions to ask the interviewer that are related to the role, culture or company.
  • Ensure you have planned what you will wear and that you feel comfortable and confident.



  • Manage your time and arrive at the interview feeling relaxed. Don't worry about trying to hide your nerves - most interviewers expect that you may be nervous!
  • Maintain eye contact with the interviewer/s.
  • Listen carefully to the information and questions and ask for clarification if required.
  • Let the interviewer guide the interview pace and tone. Share your knowledge and skills - remember that you are essentially selling yourself and presenting your best attributes.
  • Give clear and concise answers.
  • Make sure you know when candidates are likely to hear back - this is a great question to ask if they do not let you know during the interview.
  • SMILE!


  • If you feel like it didn't go well, don't get upset or frustrated - it is all a part of your learning and practice. 
  • Reflect on what went well, what didn't and what you can improve on.
  • If successful - congratulations - and also make note of what they tell you over the phone. Ask for confirmation in writing if they do not provide it and make sure you are aware of the start date, salary, conditions and respond to this in writing with enthusiasm. 
  • If unsuccessful, a great idea is to ask for feedback.
  • Write and express thanks for the interview.