While it's prudent to take any information from social media with a pinch of salt, Tiktok is home to a number of accounts that actually provide some valuable advice that can be seen under the following hashtags:

#careeradvice #careertok

Three useful Tiktok accounts for university studies and even recent graduates entering the job market are:


1. RAWAN @rawantheplug:

  • Offers advice on breaking into a career focussing on tech, interview tips and the importance of completing a degree for earning future employment opportunities 
  • Covers diverity in the workplace, espeially in smaller communities 


2. DARCI @careercoachdarci:

  • Offers advice on how to smash your next work interview
  • Shares how to tackle workplace conflicts and how to ask for a raise and workplace benefits
  • They have also created resume and cover letter templates that are free to download! 


3. KELLY @holistic_career_chica: 

  • Useful resource for undergradutes 
  • Best advice in how to advocate for yourself in the workplace and how to handle performance reviews